In recognision of her contribution to  the community, Margaret was awarded The Community Excellence Award in 2012

About H&R Training Professionals

H&R Training Professionals is the trading name for Hope and Restoration formed in August 2008 as a company limited by guarantee with the main aim of empowering disadvantaged young people and adults, but not exclusively: lone parents, NEET, Black and Ethnic Minority people, migrants, low skilled, low income and disabled persons to rebuild their lives by developing new skills and knowledge, build confidence and greater personal awareness to


 Method Creating a Successful Cash Flow

Method Creating a Successful Cash Flow


  • Start by describing your business — what does it do and what makes it different from rival firms?
  • Provide some background. Explain why the business was established, what the goals are and how you plan to get there.
  • Outline your sales and marketing strategy. Include information on pricing and channels to market.
  • Give details of key personnel and their roles. Describe important assets such as premises and equipment.
  • Clarify your aims. Are you looking for steady growth or fast expansion?
  • Assess the threats and opportunities in your sector. Who are your key competitors?



Ingredients for success: Business plans

Writing a business plan is like creating your own recipe - you need to gather the ingredients together, set out your equipment, assess your working space and create a plan that is tailor-made for you. Getting it right involves lots of preparation and attention to detail - you can't skip any steps.


Description of your products and services
Outline of the business aims
Profile of your target market and analysis of demand
Information about your management team and resources
Sales and marketing plan
Assessments of your competitors
Analysis of your sector
Data on your current financial situation
Profit and loss projections
Sales and cash flow forecasts




The Way Forward With H&R Training Professionals

Elephants In My Stomach Instead Of Butterflies


7 Powerful Steps To Eliminating fear in starting your Business!

Elephants In My Stomach Instead Of Butterflies

Aim Of The Book

The aim of this book is to help and those that are struggling with fear in start their own business and want to be successful in life. 

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Hope and Restoration Sierra Leone

Hope and Restoration Sierra Leone is an NGO founded by Margaret Thorli in 2007 to support the poorest to rebuild their lives after the war through Education, Agriculture, Sports & Business Enterprising.


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