May 2014

Ms Frantonali

'I would like Margaret to speak to me again in the future. It was good that a powerful presence was in the mist of us today everybody here is supportive and friendly. Margaret, Tony and others really helped me. I really enjoyed myself and I feel good about things that usually depress me – I know It’s going to be tough - I have always liked the Billy Ocean Song When The Going Gets Tough –Tuff Get Going! 


Mrs Hoylet

‘This is a well needed programme that fills a gap for those who have ambitions but do not have support, confidence or resources to move ahead, I am really pleased I attended.’

Mr Granley

‘Today’s session was informative. It’s been an eye opener with regards to the way we will be mentoring each other after a while – I think it will help me to have some people to stay in touch with who will be on a similar business start-up journey as me - To you Business Tutor Guys Thanks - I found the business sectors information seminar very good. 

Ms Fordey

‘I am very impressed on the first day. I will feel well blessed leaving here, physically and spiritually. I came expecting a talk purely from a worldly and materialist perspective. Howsoever, I also received an unexpected positive spiritual surprise which I know will move me to eventual progress, I’m now looking forward to following the seminars on business development and change my life around Thank You All- especially Margaret’ 


Ms Gayle

Sent in email after the Evaluation & Progress Celebration event which said ‘Margaret you are a very good mentor. My approach to seeking work is renewed. You have given me a different outlook to life in a very positive way - Thank You Sincerely


Ms Catinala

‘I feel I have acquired a whole lot of information. Margaret, your positive passion is infectious. You really do give your energy and experience freely and tirelessly to all of us. The business workshop and the 121 mentoring - amazing! I feel well motivated and believe now that I can complete a lot more activity in one day than before I attended. Thank you all for giving that much’! 


Mr Eduseye

‘Am grateful - as someone over 50 - to have the opportunity to join this work shop on how to apply for jobs using the computer on-line ….its motivating and I have received lots of information and useful ways to improve my methods to seek and search for work in what is a new way to me –online thanks.’ 


Mr Ewartson

‘They all (Hope and Restoration Seminar Leaders) were very welcoming and at the end of the Seminar (on how to complete an effective CV ) I was told that I could get help to look at it once more if this first finished Paving Block one gets no response Thanks Again Margaret’.