Elephants In My Stomach Instead Of Butterflies


7 Powerful Steps To Eliminating fear in starting your Business!

Elephants In My Stomach Instead Of Butterflies

Aim Of The Book

The aim of this book is to help and those that are struggling with fear in start their own business and want to be successful in life. 

This book will push you out of your comfort zone of fear into the river of excellent living. Even though the river you are in may be full of the alligators of life such as, failure, disappointment, rejections, fear and mediocrity life: this book will help you to overcome those barriers and step out your comfort zone and walk into your destiny.

The purpose of this book is to help you to define the steps that you need to take in order to achieve your own personal success in life.

This book is written to empower, encourage and inspire every reader to overcome their fear of letting go of their past and to stop living the life of Mr, Mrs or Miss Mediocrity!

I will share with you seven powerful keys to unlock your full potential and purpose in life in order to have a happier, more fulfilling and beautiful life.

First, let me share with you a funny story that I read a few years go. This story made me laugh until tears came out of my eyes then a flood of memories from my past came and overwhelmed me with even more laughter.

The author of this story is Olumide Emmanuel and this story comes from one his book Living Above Average Life books.

It goes like this: 

A very rich man that had only one daughter called the men in the city that desired to marry his daughter to all come to his house for screening. If anyone succeeds in the quest they will have the option to collect a million dollars or marry his daughter.  On the day of screening all the interested guys gathered and he took them all to the Olympic sized swimming pool in his estate and told them all to line up in preparation to swim to the other side and the first person to cross will be the winner.

They all went forth to the line up at the pool side only to discover that it was a pool of alligators. Even though they all desired the reward no one was willing to take the risk, while they all waited in confusion, they heard a splash.

There was one guy in the pool swimming with all his might and before they knew it he was out on the other side panting but unharmed. The millionaire was impressed and confessed that he did not really think anyone could do it. He asked the guy, “So what do you want as your reward, my daughter or the one million dollars?”

The guy still panting heavily replied, “I don’t want your daughter or your money, all I want is the person who pushed me into that water!”

Even though he was looking angrily for the man who pushed him in, the most important thing is that he had crossed over now qualifies for the reward and the man’s blessings to married his daughter. More of the story is sometime we need someone to push us out from our comfort zone.

Written By Margaret Thorli

Book Coming Out Soon

Price: £5.99