Deep Secrets of The Heart Poems


A virtuous Woman

A Virtuous woman she is clothed

With strength, dignity, graciousness, compassion and love

She speaks with wisdom and faithfulness in her heart

A Virtuous woman she is the heartbeat of her household

She takes care of the affairs of her house

Her house would never be in darkness 

Nor does she sit and eat from the plate of a deceitful woman

Nor does she transgress

A virtuous woman she is more precious than rubies and pearls

She is the diamond in her husband’s eye

Shining brightly like a star

Her beauty and charms are like an essence of white lily

A virtuous woman holds the world

She opens out her arms to the poor and extends to the needy

She is the light of the universe

Her children are called blessed

They are like fine wine equipped with all the fullness of life

Her children would lack nothing

Her husband stands with righteous men

He would praise his wife

A virtuous woman has fear of the Lord Jesus Christ

Because she knows that she is clothed with the love of Jesus

Her work would never go unnoticed 

By M Thorli

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