Employment Support & Aftercare Services


These services form a major part of our programme delivery and they include: one-one support, Job search, career advice, skills check, IAG and referral to further training or new programmes.

The support services we provide complement our skills training workshops by enabling participants to work through the barriers and challenges they face and to receive support in overcoming them on a one-to-one basis. It also enables participants to define their career pathway, consolidate their skills and seek sustainable employment, self employment or identify further training and support.

Added value: We provide six months one-one mentoring and on-going support to both the individual and their employer once employment has been secured. This ongoing support increases confidence, promotes work retention and equips participants with skills in dealing with work challenges.


One-One Support

One-to-One support is a key element to supporting clients in achieving their goals.

We cover areas such as motivation, confidence-building, self awareness and vision:

  • One-to-one support to complete and review action plans
  • On-going support to become employment-ready
  • On-going support to take steps towards seeking employment, gaining employment or undertaking further training
  • Once employment has been secured, on-going support will continue for upto 6months to help participants adjust to these changes e.g. budgeting, accessing childcare, etc.
  • Help in areas such as skills health checks, confidence-building, self awareness and overcoming personal bariers. We also work here with client to explore their career options and identify any need for further training, learning or support
  • Refer clients for further training or learning and spport them in the process

Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)

We provide independent and impartial advice for up to 4 sessions and more if needed to help clients:

  • Explore and identify the options available to them in line with their aspirations
  • Identify any barriers or challenges to their progress
  • Negotiate and complete an action plan
  • Achieve their goals
  • Monitor their own progress
  • Assess relevant information


Work Placement Opportunities

We provide work placements for upto 4 weeks subject to availability of local employers.

The work placement provided does not only boost trainees’ confidence and experience of the work place but also increases their social network thus creating resilient individuals and communities.

It also helps to fill in temporary gap in service provision for local employers while at the same providing valuable and practical skills to seek engage with the labour market as well as the opportunity for a work reference.

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