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H & R Training Professionals have in October 2012 been approved as a learning centre to run SFEDI Awards training programmes leading to national qualifications in Enterprise Development and Business Support.

SFEDI Awards programmes are to promote and support those who:

Are looking to explore how they can work in an enterprising and entrepreneurial way
Are looking to start their own business
Are looking to improve their business skills
Are looking to support owner managers

As an approved SFEDI Awards centre we currently deliver 8 courses from Levels 1-3 and a preparatory course in Enterprise Mentoring. Below are the courses we provide and their requirements. Please click on each course link for full details.

English for Private Hire Drivers

We provide training for:
English Language test for Private Hire Drivers
PCO / UBER and Private Hire Drivers
IRL / Citizenship / Spouse
B1 / A1 / A2 & ISE

English Language Assessment Test

You can take a preparation class if you're a Private Hire Driver, who needs to take a TFL English Language test for your license application.

Telephone 07469 181 634 now to find out more.

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