Get Back on Track in Life and in Business

with Margaret Thorli

About Us

H&R Training Professionals provides expert Business coaching, mentoring career coaching as well as formal and informal support. All our clients have access to world-class, practical top coaching and mentoring advice; and a powerful support & referral network.

Online Courses

Business Start-Up & Enterprise Workshops

Our Business Start-Up & Enterprise workshops are designed for individuals who are considering starting a business of their own,

Employment Skills Training

This skills training programme is delivered one day a week for 3 weeks to equip participants with the skills and confidence needed to become work ready and progress into sustainable

Financial Management

For many people on benefits, the transition from welfare to work may seem an intimidating prospect and they often worry about the changes in their financial circumstances.

how We do It

We do this by providing structured skills training in:
• in Personal Development
• Business Enterprise and Employment Skills
• Money Management, Peer Mentoring
• Level 2 Mentoring
• Preparation to Employment
• Employment support
• 121 mentoring and Business Coaching

Support Circle

Are you ready to Be The Best Version of You and Create the Business you deserve? I have designed Margret’s Inner Circle to support YOU to Start Your Dream Business and to have the life you always wanted For the last 10 years, I have trained and coached 1,500 women and lone parents to become successful entrepreneurs by starting their business with Zero Finance.

Become a Mentor

Get the all right package you need to help you change your society.

Over the last decade, we’ve helped more than 1,500 single parents, women and men to gain employment or build their own businesses so they can build a better future for their families


• Developing, Designing and Delivering innovative business and employability Workshops
• Business Support / Development – Liaise & support business tailored client training
• Work in partnership & Develop internal/external partners
• Life coaching and mentoring in all strategic areas of life
• Career Coaching
• Enterprise Coach
• Business: Management Coaching
• Business Advice Business Development
• Professional Coaching & Training
• Motivation and Coaching Leadership
• Business Planning

Why choose us?

At H&R Training Professionals, we are all about giving people the opportunities that were once elusive to them because of their life situation.


We run custom-made training packages such as Mentoring courses, Staff training and individual training programmes that are tailor-made.

Expert Coaching

We make sure that our clients will have access to a strong support system, expert coaching and mentoring advice, and a wide referral network that will allow them to carve out the path they choose for their future

Building the Future

We’ve already helped more than 1,500 single parents, women and men to gain employment or build their own businesses so they can build a better future for their families.