Funded Programmes

The generosity of funders enables us to provide free training, workshops and support to members of the community and equip them with the right skills, knowledge, attitudes and confidence that facilitates their progression into employment, self employment or further training.

Enfield Community Capacity Building Fund Pathway to Employment & Training (2012-2015)

Funding has been secured till March 2015 to provide a structured-multifaceted skills development training and one to one employment support to equip 80 Enfield residents with the right skill and facilitate their progression into employment, self-employment or further training. Due to the very high demand, participation is by registration only. To book your place call 0208 588 0619 or more details click on image.

Sport Relief Haringey-Pathway to Employment & Training (2012-2013)

This project is to provide: skills training in employment & business development, work placements opportunities and employment support to 35 Haringey residents to build their confidence, enable them to become work ready and progress to sustainable employment, self-employment or further training. To book your place, please call 0208 588 0619 or for more details, click on the image.

GLE-London Councils Community Grants Pathway to Employment & Training (2014)

This programme was delivered from March -Nov 2012

ES-OCS Pathway to Employment & Training (2012) Report

This training programme was delivered from Jan – Mar 2012 over 3 days a week; benefiting 79 participants from across the boroughs of Enfield, Haringey, Barnet and Hertfordshire. Click Here for project impact report

EC Youth in Action Peer Mentoring Programme (2012) Report

This programme was delivered between July and December 2011, benefiting 26 young people from the boroughs of Enfield and Haringey. Click here for project impact report

Grassroots Grants Pathway to Employment & Training (2011) Report

This was a CV workshop delivered from July and September 2011 benefiting 50 Enfield Residents. Click here for project impact report