Margaret Thorli

Margaret Thorli is a brilliant businesswoman, a successful “mumpreneur,” An Award-Winning Business Start-Up Trainer, Business Coach, author, public speaker, trainer and career mentor for single women and lone parents.

H & R Training Professionals truly is a unique organization in that their programs help Single Fathers, Lone Parents and women to become Bold and Fearless in Entrepreneurs

Can you share an example of a time in your business when you Overcome All Odds and Had Bravery In Business?

COVID-19 has caused a great impact on our organisation. Due to the government recommendations and guidelines on social distancing and self-isolation, in March 2020, we have had to stop all training and work placements that we offer. We had also had to stop our staff and volunteers from coming to the office.

We now have to work remotely and can no longer be able to provide face-face support, one-to-one career advice, life skills coaching, employability and business start-ups skills training. Some of our lone parents were suffering from mental health and depression, anxiety. Some of the women we work with have severe mental illness and it was very difficult for them to get the help that they need due to the COVID-19.

One of the greatest needs that manifested was that many of the lone parents did not have enough food in the house, no internet, and not enough laptops or computers for the children to do their school work. Our organisation had to contact some schools asking them if they can provide laptops and internet for our lone parent’s children. In addition, we also contacted gas, electricity providers to secure discounts or gas and electricity vouchers for the families to work with, we contacted foodbank to go and deliver food to our most vulnerable lone parents who could not go out because of the COVID 19. These were challenging times for our organisation. We had to change the way we used to do business and find the best way we can support our clients.   Despite Covid-19 and with limited staff capacity, H&R was able to help approximately 25 lone parents to overcome their social and economic problems, by assisting them with their housing, Universal Credit, immigration problems. After the lockdown was lifted in June 2020, we supported 10 lone parents into sustainable employment and 5 into self-employment and we supported 10 more into further education where they completed Level 2-3 into Childcare. Although this was very stressful for our organisation, we were very happy to know that our organisation made a massive impact in the community that we worked with and brought in some kind of normality to our lone parents.

Can you share an educational tip of how Overcoming All Odds and having Bravery In Business can help individuals in business grow and flourish through 2021?

H&R Training Professionals: Since COVID 19 2020-2021 many people have lost their jobs or businesses, I feel this is the best time for you to start your own business, because businesses that are started in a recession or economic slowdown, have a better chance to succeed. So do not be afraid to start again, do some training upskill yourself, get a mentor to help you with strategies and start your business don’t be afraid to dream big.

What tips or guidance do you have for individuals in Business to Overcome All Odds and have Bravery in Business in 2021 and any pitfalls to look out for through these testing times?

H&R Training Professionals: To become brave in business or starting a new business you must be willing to do the things that scare you in order to create the life and business you yearn to have. Only then, will you be able to embrace the discomfort that comes with fear and take action in upscaling your business or starting a new business?

Tips on starting a business:

  •       Believe in yourself/Analyse your personality
  •       Make sure your product is a must-have not a nice-have
  •       Build a business around the skills you already possess
  •       Use the resources at your fingertips

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