Hope and Restoration (H&R) applied for funding to run a project called the “Pathway 2 Employability
Skills Training” programme for single fathers, lone parents and people aged 50+. However, H&R
focuses on recruiting single fathers and men who wants to start their own business and sustainable
During the COVID-19 and the aftermath of COVID-19, many single fathers and men found it hard to
cope with life, bring up their children and try to secure employment. Some fathers were significantly
affected by the sudden changes during the COVID-19 restrictions and government lockdown. Some
had to close their businesses; others were furloughed, and some lost their jobs.

H&R successfully trained 30 single fathers and men, equipping them with the appropriate skills to
become confident in starting their business and registering their company and how to, fundraising
for their business, and applying for jobs online, using the Universal Job match website.

Unstoppable Single Fathers and Men Testimonial Video

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