With Margaret’s myriad of programs offered by H & R Training Professionals and books, A Single Mother and the Dating Game: tips on how to manoeuvre the dating minefield and 8 Tips to A Better Relationship: ideas on how to have a great and loving relationship, single women and lone parents no longer have to struggle to achieve well-being in their personal and professional lives.

Margaret Thorli is a woman whose inspirational light shines so brightly that it is truly difficult to not be in awe of her kindness, and willingness, to give of herself to better lone parents who simply need a chance to get back on track. She is a successful “mumpreneur,” CEO, author, public speaker, trainer and career mentor for single women and lone parents. As the owner of H&R Training Professionals, and an executive coach, her focus is to provide tools and training programs that have a profound impact on people’s lives. As an author of Single Mother and the Dating Game: tips on how to manoeuvre the dating minefield, and 8 Tips to A Better Relationship: ideas on how to have a great and loving relationship, her aim is to guide individuals on how to conquer their fears, self-defeating habits and negative thoughts that hold them back from reaching their full potential.

What Margaret has discovered is that single parents can become so overwhelmed with running a home, on their own, that they tend to forget themselves and what they need to remain healthy in mind, body and spirit. This often leads to losing themselves and losing sight of what their dreams and goals are. H & R Training Professionals, founded by Margaret Thorli, was created to help these individuals not only get back on track but to learn to become leaders in their fields and excel in business. Through Margaret’s well-designed programs, single parents are given the tools to be able to re-discover who they are so that they can re-enter the world with a renewed sense of confidence.

For those who face unnecessary challenges, H & R Training Professionals helps remove the stumbling blocks so that individuals can continue to move forward and find the success they deserve. Margaret’s coaching provides the reality of, “Yes, you can!” that many single women, and lone parents, do not hear often enough, or in many cases, not at all. Margaret’s many custom programs create an environment where these words become true again and provide meaning and hope, in business and in life.

Why is H & R Training Professionals especially important in today’s world, you may wonder? They work with people who are at a disadvantage and who are often not receiving assistance from the government. Many times, this alone can create a debilitating situation in which a single parent does not know how to move forward. Because of this, it ultimately creates additional problems for children in homes where they are deprived of a parent’s time, leading to a deprivation of proper care, education and structure and unlocking the door to even more issues that are added to an already overwhelmed single parent.

H & R Training Professionals truly is a unique organization in that their programs help single fathers and mothers find balance in their lives spanning multiple categories. Margaret’s workshops, including: Fundraising: Learn How to Raise Funds for Your Business Idea, Business Growth: Grow Your Business to Incredible Levels and Workshops for Teachers & Mentors: Learn How to Guide Youth in The Right Direction offer incredible tricks of the trade on successfully raising children as the lone parent, re-entering the business world with a sense of assurance, and actually becoming successful, and also re-acclimating to the dating world to ultimately find happiness with a partner again.

Additionally, Margaret has established herself as a well-known author by producing works such as A Single Mother and the Dating Game: tips on how to manoeuvre the dating minefield, a book that offers enlightening real-life, moving stories and practical tips on how to feel empowered in the world of dating after being out of the game for a period of time. Margaret’s book, 8 Tips to A Better Relationship: ideas on how to have a great and loving relationship, dives into realistic ways of conquering fears, changing mindsets from negative thoughts to positive manifestations to get readers closer to the relationships they so deeply desire.

With more than 30 years in business and years of experience in coaching single and lone parents, inspiring and preparing them for setting up companies with zero finance and supporting individuals to be able to secure their dream jobs and dream relationships, she has established herself as an industry leader in mentoring and coaching, through various mediums such as online courses, speaking engagements and books. She is a true “Go To” resource for individuals who need guidance in regaining confidence and a sense of empowerment.

Ultimately, Margaret’s mission is to help all of her clients realize that in order to move forward you simply must invest in yourself!

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